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I help senior executives to rekindle their passions for success, redefine purpose, and improve resilience in managing change.

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The stakes at work are too high. The kindness, trust and care are at minimum. You feel you have not left the battlefield. You fear losing your authority if perceived weak and vulnerable. You feel numb, unmotivated but can't let go, having invested so much effort and the change is unsettling.

Are you a leader with curious minds and despite your achievements, you feel a sense of emptiness, overwhelmed by crises, and question the meaning of your work? Are you struggling to replicate critical success and feel disconnected with your dreams?

If you are looking for transformational leadership, managing change with resilience and making better informed financial decisions, let's work together.

Regain your sparkle for success, achieve clarity on purpose and values and reigniting your passions, reclaim lost motivation, break bad habits and embrace new learning opportunities.

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If you're ever interested in exploring this journey, the process is straightforward:



First, we'll have a discovery 45min online meeting to discuss the topics on your mind and the challenges you are facing.


Programme Design

Second, we will then craft a personalised coaching programme that aligns with your goals. We also agree on the investment you would like to make based on the three packages: standard, enhanced and premium.

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Finally, If you choose to proceed, we will work together to implement the programme, determining the frequency and format of our meetings.

Let's embark on this transformative journey together!

About us

Dr Sonya Dilova is a founder of SF Vision Accelerator Coaching Ltd. She likes the feel of speed having worked in the UK financial industry for 20 years. She is ILM Level 7 certified executive coach. She has first-hand experience with the challenges senior executives face such as disappointments from hiring the wrong people, setbacks by being shifted out of jobs, passed over for promotions, and misfortunes of bad cultures the corporate world can dish out. Now she is using her hard-learned lessons to help other achievers to develop leadership skills, navigate periods of change, rediscover their passions and enjoy the climb to their success unapologetically. Sonya's relatable personality, attentive listening, and a genuine sense of empathy, set her apart as your trusted partner on your journey.

She coaches senior individuals, business owners and teams across the UK, though she is primarily based in London.

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Female Senior executive

US law firm

"The managing change coaching programme I went through with Sonya helped me change my perspective and the way I look at various situations in my professional life. Sonya is such a kind, personable and dedicated coach who did not make decisions for me but instead has guided me to develop ways to deal with situations using my own resources and self-awareness."

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Female Senior executive

Marketing, UK Law Firm

"Sonya's leadership coaching programme enabled me to move forward by providing guidance and clarity. Sonya was able to take me through the thought processes needed to achieve my short and medium-term goals. Sonya was both kind and compassionate, which enabled me to feel safe."

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UK-based Asset Management

"Sonya's coaching skills are vital to team training and development. Her relatable personality and ability to think strategically are integral to help teams develop shared vision for growth."